Lists all properties to screen (a debug filter)

Gives frame property information as a text overlay in the upper-left corner.

The displayed information consists of:

  • Number of frame properties

  • each line describes a frame property with its name and value

  • display _Matrix, _ColorRange and _ChromaLocation constants with friendly names, e.g. _ColorRange = 1 = limited

Listing appears as a name = value list. Arrays values are put between [ and ] Top line contains number is properties. If no properties found, nothing is displayed.

Syntax and Parameters

propShow (clip clip, int "size", string "font", bool "showtype",
      string "font", int "text_color", int "halo_color",
      bool "bold", float "x", float "y", int "align")

Source clip which properties will be written to itself


If true, the data type in parenthesis appears next to the property key name

Default: false

Height of the text in pixels (fixed fonts)

Default: 16


Font name; "Terminus" or "info_h" or can be the name of a bdf bitmap font.

Default: "Terminus"

text_color, halo_color
Colors for font fill and outline respectively. See the colors page for more information on specifying colors.
Default text color is yellow and halo color is black.
halo color MSB have special meaning
FF (e.g. FF000000) -> no outline + semi transparent background
FE (e.g. FE000000) -> outline + semi transparent background
01 (e.g. 01000000) -> no outline + normal display
00 (e.g. 00000000) -> outline + normal display

Default: $FFFF00, $000000 (that is $00FFFF00, $00000000)

Using bold letters or not

Default: false

x, y
Reference point of the Info text box area, alignments are calculated relative to that.

Default: 4, 0 (top left), screen centers or right/bottom when alignment is specified

an integer number describing at what screen area (or given x,y coordinates) will be the info text box aligned. Values 1-9 are allowed. See your numeric keypad layout, e.g. 7 is top-left, 9 is top right, 3: bottom-right, etc..

Default: 7 (top-left)

Note: The individual lines are aligned horizontally as well.


propShow(align=1, halo_color=$FF000000)
propShow(size=6,bold=true, align=3, halo_color=$FE000000)
propShow(size=16,bold=true, align=5, halo_color=$00000000)
propShow(font="info_h", align=9, halo_color=$01000000)

The following script aligns Info box to the top right, and propShow to the bottom left.

Info(cpu=false, align=9)




AviSynth+ 3.7.4

Add font, text_color, halo_color, bold parameter
Add x, y, align parameters

AviSynth+ 3.7.1

display _Matrix, _ColorRange and _ChromaLocation constants with friendly names

AviSynth+ 3.6.0

Initial release

$Date: 2023/11/05 19:27:00 $