Gives clip property information as a text overlay in the upper-left corner.

The displayed information consists of:

  • current frame and total frame count,

  • current time and total duration,

  • colorspace and bit depth,

  • width and height,

  • frame rate (as floating-point and fraction),

  • whether it is field or frame based,

  • parity: whether AviSynth thinks it is bottom or top field first,

  • video pitch (length of a video line in bytes),

  • whether there is audio present,

  • the number of audio channels,

  • audio sample type,

  • audio sample rate,

  • total audio samples and total audio duration (hh:mm:ss:ddd),

  • channel layout

  • CPU capabilities

Syntax and Parameters

Info (clip clip, string "font", float "size", int "text_color", int "halo_color",
      bool "bold", bool "italic", bool "noaa",
      bool "cpu",
      float "x", float "y", int "align")

Source clip. If only an audio clip is supplied, Info creates a blank video clip to overlay the information on.


Font name; can be the name of any installed Windows font.

Default: "Courier New"

Height of the text in pixels, and is rounded to the nearest 0.125 pixel.
Default depends on the dimensions of the clip:
  • If either the width or height is less than 384x224, the font is auto-scaled.

  • If the both the width and height are greater than 384x224, size defaults to 15.

  • If size is set to < 0, the font is automatically enlarged for clips over 640x480.

Default: auto

On non-Windows-GDI systems the available font sizes are limited.

text_color, halo_color
Colors for font fill and outline respectively. See the colors page for more information on specifying colors.
Default text color is yellow and halo color is black.

Default: $FFFF00, $000000

Using bold letters or not
Default is true, since bold has better visibility.

Default: true

Using italic letters or not

Default: false

Disables antialiasing when drawing the text

Default: false

Enables or disables showing CPU capabilities flags

Default: true

x, y
Reference point of the Info text box area, alignments are calculated relative to that.

Default: 4, 0 (top left), screen centers or right/bottom when alignment is specified

an integer number describing at what screen area (or given x,y coordinates) will be the info text box aligned. Values 1-9 are allowed. See your numeric keypad layout, e.g. 7 is top-left, 9 is top right, 3: bottom-right, etc..

Default: 7 (top-left)

Note: on Windows-GDI systems the whole text box is aligned. Within the box the text lines are left aligned. On non-Windows-GDI (e.g. Linux) the individual lines are aligned horizontally as well.



Results in a video with the following information overlay:

Frame: 0 of 240
Time: 00:00:00:000 of 00:00:10:000
ColorSpace: YUV444P16, BitsPerComponent: 16
Width: 640 pixels, Height: 480 pixels.
Frames per second: 24.0000 (24/1)
FieldBased (Separated) Video: NO
Parity: Bottom Field First
Video Pitch: 1280 bytes.
Has Audio: YES
Audio Channels: 1
Sample Type: Integer 16 bit
Samples Per Second: 44100
Audio length: 441000 samples. 00:00:10:000
Channel mask: mono

The following script aligns Info box to the top right, it won't interfere with propShow in top left.

Info(cpu=false, align=9)




AviSynth+ 3.7.4

Add cpu parameter
Add x, y, align parameters
Draw partially visible lines as well

AviSynth+ 3.7.3

Add bold, italic and noaa

AviSynth+ 3.5.1

When parameter size < 0, font is automatically enlarged when the dimensions of the clip are greater than 640x480.

AviSynth+ r2487

Added parameters font, size, text_color, halo_color and fix hardcoded dimensions.

AviSynth 2.6.0

Added support audio only clips.

AviSynth 2.5.7

Added time of current frame, total time, numerator and denominator of the framerate and audio length.

AviSynth 2.5.5

Added supported CPU optimizations

AviSynth 2.5.0

Initial Release

$Date: 2023/11/03 10:42:00 $